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On these cold and blustery nights of winter, there’s nothing better than curling up at home with a good book and a warm dinner. If you have a family to feed, this can be a huge pain though, because you can’t just curl up and have dinner ready, you’re the one that has to go out into the snow and wind and cold to get the dinner supplies, make the actual dinner, and most likely, clean up afterwards. That doesn’t sound very warm and relaxing does it? Home cooked dinners don’t need to be such a chore. In fact, they can be easy and relaxing for you too when you order lobster bisque online. Find expert advice about  fine dining restaurant  read here

Lobster bisque is one of the best meals you can find for a cold winter evening. Creamy and decadent, it’s rich enough for a center piece, and subtle enough to be paired with almost any wintry meal. Who doesn’t love a rich cream based soup in the winter, filled with the great tastes of shallots and celery, a dash of paprika and the rich flavors of lobster stock and bouillon. Just thinking about it makes me want to run out and have a bowl!

The center point in this soup, as you may have guessed, is lobster. Fresh live lobsters from the coast of Maine are caught daily by seasoned fisherman. They’re then immediately steamed and shucked so that only the freshest lobster meat, and freshest lobster broth, will make it into your bisque. You’ll be able to taste the difference, because in a lobster, freshness is the key to taste. The large lobster chunks in your soup will be some of the best you’ve ever had, because they are so fresh.

And of course, our other ingredients are fresh as well. We use only the finest, farm fresh cream and milk for the base of our lobster bisque, to make sure that all of the flavors blend perfectly. Our butter is also top quality, lending a hearty richness to our soups. And never fear our vegetables, for they are the freshest shallots and celery that can be found, year round, thanks to greenhouse technology. This means that their entire great flavor makes its way into your lobster bisque.

Lobster bisque is a perfect soup for a cold winter night, and because you’re ordering from us direct online, it will be delivered to your home prepared, so that all you need to do is warm and serve, which means you can spend less time and the store, and more time being warm with your family. And because no pots or pans were dirtied, clean up is a snap. It’s a great way to enjoy dinner without all the fuss.